photo gallery


Piggy recovers from surgery in loving arms......

This is "Apple" - her ears pop up when you hug her!

Cat in a bag.

This kitty was so comfortable in her harness!

This swan had a fish hook in his leg.

Ouch! this pup ate fishing line! hook and all........patient recovered nicely!

This little lamb seems to be happy to see us!

Bunny day........

This little lamb had a broken leg.

New puppy!

Our patients grow up fast!

Some pets get matching outfit and blanket from a loving, creative owner!



This tiny creature will grow up to be a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.

We gladly see farm animals that fit through the front door, like this little guy!

Little "Maverick" meets his vet for the first time. Love!

Who doesn't love a lamb in a tutu!

Licks for the doctor.....

Bunny Foo Foo recovers in doctor's arms....

Friendly Desert tortoise

We love our rat patients! they come with their own houses.....

Yes, the occasional reptile.

Doctor Wise meets a new patient.

Adrian - she complained about the color of her vet wrap!

Stuart! gets a sweater after his surgery.

The cone of shame.

Fiona! One of doctor's sweet little dogs.

There's no mistaking a snake bite.

We do the surgeries for the SPCA Spay/neuter program. This is one of the nice dogs from the Pitbull Spay/neuter Program.

This is Harley!

This dog was shot right through the nostril! Knocked out a bunch of teeth. The bullet lodged in the back of his throat. See the x-ray in the next photo.

A bullet lodged in the throat of this dog.

Kitty ate a fish hook!

This is Harley!

The horse that fit through the door.

Yes! we do bunnies!

Poor puppy, broken leg - doc relaxes in a comfortable snuggle.....

Little Bengal

Alpacas! the big guys have to be examined in parking lot since they can't fit through the door!

Pigmy goat makes herself comfortable on the couch.

This dog had to have this big broken canine tooth removed after he fell out of a truck and landed on his face!

Pooch Pouch!

Clearly, we need to get a bigger kitty bag!

Before and after a thorough dental cleaning......

Dr. Wise uses a wheelchair all week in an exercise to experience the difficulties of being disabled.

This stick was removed from a dog's mouth!

The owner of this kitty called and said he needed an appointment to "check the cast" on his pet's leg. He showed up with this! Kitty was inside - without the cast.

A bunch o'baby Boerboels

Two cutie pies........


Workin' on piggy.......


Guinea Pigs







Priceless: Elsa and Sophie