What would you do if you lost your pet through one of these scenarios and he did not have any ID tag, collar, or microchip?

  • a motor vehicle accident and you and your pet get separated

  • an appliance repairman leaves the door to your home open and your pet escapes while you are away

  • your ex steals your pet

  • your pet runs away during a thunderstorm and can't find his way home

  • your pet escapes from a kennel or vet hospital

  • your pet gets lost while you are on vacation

  • your home and pets are evacuated during a local fire or emergency and you are not with them

    Yes, all these things have happened to people!

We use Data Mars Micro Chips- the cost is around $50.00

  • Each Datamars ID Microchip contains a unique 15-digit identification code so your pet can be identified every time.

  • Your pet can be micro chipped during a regular office visit!

  • Insertion is quick and painless - no anesthesia necessary

You will then register your pet with PETLINK, a database that will keep all your pet's information for you in case he gets lost. You can also change your contact information later in case you move. Your first registration is free!

Microchipping does not guarantee that you will be reunited with your pet, but it increases the chances greatly. It is a safe way to store permanent information as to your whereabouts if your pet is scanned by a shelter, vet hospital or animal control facility. Be sure to update your registration if you relocate.