about us

All Creatures Veterinary Hospital is a multi-service facility. We provide excellent primary care for dogs and cats, and we acknowledge when our patients might be better served by a specialist. We cannot provide 24 hour night care or weekend services so we will refer you to emergency care facilities in Fresno Specialty & Emergency Center.

We are equipped with an excellent digital imaging x-ray system that provides us with accurate radiographs in a short period of time at minimal risk to the patient and staff. Our state of the art equipment helps us to provide your pets with the best medical care available. We use the service of an off site radiologist when a consultation is needed.

Laboratory work can be done accurately and economically in our own facility in a matter of minutes while you wait.
We have state of the art equipment that many professional, commercial laboratories have. This includes commonly performed blood chemistries, urinalysis, electrolytes, blood gases, and white/red blood cell counts.

Our surgery set up is similar to what you would find in a human hospital. Instruments are sterile, IV fluid therapy is readily available, and blood pressure, blood oxygenation and pulse are all monitored during surgery. Patients are recovered carefully under nursing care and most go home the same day.

All Creatures has come to a crossroad in dental care for your pets. With the advent of modern digital radiography (X-rays), and ongoing training in anesthesia and surgery, Dr. Wise has been able to address many painful abscesses and tooth root problems that are not adequately discovered with an oral exam alone.
For more information visit our Dental Page.