COVID-19 Announcement

All Creatures continues to support the Social Distancing mandate from our County Health Department and the clinic has added others as this pandemic evolves.


  • Clients remain outside the clinic since the lobby is closed

  • Pets are brought inside for services

  • Sanitizing all human contact surfaces several times daily

  • Phones going straight to voicemail to free up staff

  • Doctor's emergency line 209-233-0729 for after-hours needs

  • Use of our online pharmacy, VETSOURCE, for home delivery

  • Pick up box outside the office door for called-in prescription refills


  • All staff to monitor their temperature at home/stay home if it is elevated

  • No appointments for new clients who reside out of our area

  • No credit card or money handling from person to person if at all possible

  • Telemedicine to be utilized as an alternative to some exam visits if deemed appropriate by the doctor; using digital photos and telephone calls. This will be scheduled in 10-minute increments of time and charged $20 per session.

We will continue to reassess our protocols as the situation changes to ensure your safety and the safety of our staff.